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It would be difficult to overstate the relevance of the COINTELPRO operations to modern gang stalking in the U.S. By all available evidence, current organized stalking crimes in the U.S. are not similar to COINTELPRO; they are a continuation of COINTELPRO. Now imagine the depth of corruption in those corners of America’s government which operate mostly in secret with minimal oversight, such as the intelligence and law enforcement industry.

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While all of the best millionaire dating sites and apps on our list are all about wealthy online dating, they differ in features and how they become matchmakers for their users. Over the past decade numerous individuals have reported being harassed and spied upon by perpetrators whose tactics were largely identical to those used by the FBI and other intelligence agencies such as East Germany’s Stasi. Local newspaper and TV news reports about gang stalking claims have also emerged from across the country in recent years. Four main tactics are used by the U.S. intelligence-law enforcement industry to conceal its counterintelligence operations against U.S. citizens. Each tactic is a variation on the same general strategy – namely, to discredit organized stalking targets by casting doubts on their sanity and intelligence.

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Real threats – such as the 9/11 terrorist attack and the Boston Marathon bombing – often go unrecognized. Meanwhile, people who pose no threat whatsoever are often destroyed – such as the actress Jean Seberg, whose “crime” was supporting the civil rights movement, for which she was stalked and terrorized by the FBI, ultimately leading to her suicide. Reportedly, the intensity and lethality of such weapons varies greatly, but even the most extreme applications would be consistent with the malevolent campaigns against gang stalking victims. Anyone willing to terrorize someone relentlessly with psychological torment – even knowing that it could lead to suicide or heart attack , would presumably not have moral reservations about using DEWs.

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From 1957 until the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the head of East Germany’s secret police was Erich Mielke. He was essentially the communist version of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. Mielke presided over a network of 85,000 full-time domestic spies and 170,000 civilian informants. “As the enforcement arm of the German Democratic Republic’s Communist Party, the Stasi at its height in 1989 employed 91,000 people to watch a country of 16.4 million. A sprawling bureaucracy almost three times the size of Hitler’s Gestapo was spying on a population a quarter that of Nazi Germany.

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Zersetzung techniques have since been adopted by other security agencies, particularly the Russian Federal Security Service . One great advantage of the harassment perpetrated under Zersetzung was that its subtle nature meant that it was able to be denied. That was important given that the GDR was trying to improve its international standing during the 1970s and 80s. The Stasi referred to its psychological terrorism against individual dissidents as “Zersetzung” – which translates as “decomposition” or “corrosion.” As used by the Stasi, the term meant “to undermine or subvert.” Zersetzung is the noun; zersetzen is the verb. On June 2, 2003 about 400 protestors gathered in Seattle outside the Red Lion Inn where the LEIU was holding a training seminar titled “Criminal Intelligence and the War on Terrorism.” The seminar was co-hosted by the FBI and other police agencies.

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Merely invoking the magic phrase “national security” seems to provide sufficient legal and political justification these days for almost any secret policy of the intelligence community. Even in the rare cases when the U.S. government’s “Star Chamber” – the secret FISA Court – rules that a policy is out of bounds, Americans are not permitted to know what the feds were trying to get away with. That website is an account by a divorce attorney in Florida of his gang stalking – which was apparently initiated in retaliation for angering a senior official of a local county sheriff’s office. In the case of federal contractor Jeffrey Kantor an innocent Google search apparently led to him being targeted for gang stalking by federal agents. On the other hand, maybe he snapped after a period of systematic harassment, and the feds did not want that made public. At a minimum, the case illustrates the secrecy which often surrounds the activities of America’s law enforcement agencies.

The most famous example of Red Squad-type activity was in Chicago in 1886 when police officers and private security agents working for the Pinkerton Detective Agency used spying and violence to suppress a labor rights movement. That culminated in a violent riot at a labor rally in the Haymarket Square. After a trial – which was widely viewed as unfair – 8 labor activists were convicted for their alleged role in the violence.

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